Evan Buckle / Saxophone

More than 25 years ago, Evan's grandmother gifted his family a piano and kick-started a lifetime musical journey. He started playing the piano in the 3rd grade, grew to learn the saxophone by the 6th grade, played in the marching band and jazz ensemble at Manatee High Schoolin Bradenton, FL and went on to study Jazz Saxophone Performance at the University of North Florida. In Jacksonville, Evan played in many church settings as part of the worship teams, led summer music camps, played Saxophone in an original recording band, and played in a Dave Mathews Cover Band until he married into the military. He has since lived in many states but has always kept music as his grounding force continuing to teach and play from Nebraska, to Ohio, DC, and finally back home to Florida.

Evan offers a holistic approach to music that starts with the proper technique and notes on the page but then extends beyond to help students ear-train, explore various styles and genres, and connect with the feelings of music. For saxophone students, he also offers advanced studies in improvisation and helps students develop their own style.

In addition to teaching Piano, Saxophone, and Guitar, Evan Buckle tunes pianos across Brevard County and Central Florida. 

Instrument(s): All Saxes, Piano, Acoustic Guitar

Levels: Sax: All Levels

Piano: Beginning to Intermediate

Guitar: Beginning to Intermediate

Genres: Classical, Rock, Latin, Jazz, Pop

Primary Focus/Technique: Holistic approach encompassing proper technique, note study, exploration of various styles and genres and connection with the feelings of music.

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