Javier Tolozano / Bass

Javier loves recording in the studio, has an Associates in Science (AS) degree in “Digital Media and Television Production” and a Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management.

As a Professional Musician, he has played in many Latin salsa bands as a Keyboardist. In addition, he plays the Bass Guitar and is a great singer.

He is a music instructor and loves to teach the magic of music to young kids and adults, beginners, and intermediate musicians.

Loves Christian music and can play all temporary genres of Christian songs.

Instrument(s): Piano, Bass, Guitar, Voice

Levels: Piano: All, Bass: Intermediate, Guitar: Beginner, Voice: All

Genres: Pop, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Rock, Christian gospel music.

Your Primary Focus/technique: My focus is on the student learning the instrument first. My technique is hands-on, practice, and understanding of student's musical aspirations. I like to teach and hold recitals to see students' progress.

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