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To be a part of the family and make it. a memorable experience. YOUR MUSIC STORE IN MELBOURNE, FLORIDA. Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers, not only approve of Wickham Road Music, they are lifelong residents.

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I often say that I not only teach guitar, but I also show you how to schedule and organize practice and make the most out of your time while having fun doing it. There is nothing more frustrating than having something to do and not knowing how to do it.

Music Instructors Near Me | 321-752-1030 | Wickham Road Music

Music and arts in general make people more sensible and better human beings. Other Instructors. Have Further Questions? Contact Us

Music Instructors Near Me | 321-752-1030 | Wickham Road Music

Frank’s teaching method is to orient the music around the student, to make the music accessible and enjoyable. He starts by locating the student where she or he is on the learning curve and by talking to the student about the student’s musical goals.

Music Instructors Near Me | 321-752-1030 | Wickham Road Music

TommyWalker (Make It Glorious) LA Release. Modern Levi - new direction. Butch and Sundance: pop country. Pete is a professional audio / video live and recording engineer and has worked on projects with: Frank Garnbale G.R.P. Recording Artist.

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Meet the MUSIC Makers. Our Music Instructors. Tomas Lopez. Violin. Tomas Lopez studies violin, guitar, and piano, his education starting as early as 2005.

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We encourage you to reach out to her with lesson related questions, concerns, or suggestions that may make the learning process more effective for you or your student. At Wickham Road Music Academy, we tailor lessons to the individual student’s goals.

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