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Welcome to Wickham Road Music Lesson Acadamy. We love teaching music lessons! Whether you are young, an older beginner, or a seasoned player looking to increase your musical skills, we have music instructors that will be a perfect fit for you. Do you just want to learn how to jam? We can get you playing fast! If you want a more traditional approach to music reading and music theory, we can walk you through the steps to accomplish your musical goals. Our instructors teach Rock, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Classical, Worship, and Alternative music styles and everything in between.
We are proud to be kid friendly. We offer piano lessons for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Violin, Woodwind, and Brass.

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Marcus Willett
Kat Dillon
Caroline Anderson
Bonnie Harrington
Bonnie Harrington
Andy Harrington
Tomas Lopez
Roger Allen Cope
Mary Jo Nestor
Tom Hueston
Pete Balciunas
Nick Mascolo
Mariana Aguilera
Marcus Willett
Amy Cofield
Dan Ameigh
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We employ top-notch instructors

• Our instructors love music and can convey that love to our students. While that may sound obvious, it is often overlooked and not easy to find.  Almost all of our instructors teach and perform music for a living.
• Our instructors have been teaching for decades.  This means that we have numerous pedagogical approaches to ensure our students success.  We understand that every student is unique in their aptitudes and learning abilities. We know that there isn’t just one path to musical success and our job is to figure out how to help our students succeed. We offer books and or custom music education learning approaches that provide measurable results.
• Our instructors teach multiple instruments and many musical styles. From rock, jazz, country, to classical, we’ve got you covered.
• Our instructors go through an arduous selection process.  The process generally takes 2.5 months and allows us to ensure the quality of our instructors.Your next steps:
• With a simple interview process with our qualified team member, we will help connect you with an instructor that will best fit your musical goals.
• Our qualified team members can help connect you with a proper functioning introductory instrument and or confirm your current instrument will serve you well through your lesson process.
• Discuss tuition and lesson program offers, policies, terms and conditions.
• Schedule a lesson time. Our lessons are 30 minutes, one on one, once per week.  They are the same time, place, room and instructor every week.
• Prepare yourself to have fun because at Wickham Road Music, music is a blast!