Frank Haines / Bass

Frank has been playing for almost four decades in rock groups, jazz ensembles, big band, and in university and local orchestras all in and around New York City and Providence, Rhode Island. He has also worked as an occasional session musician in NY and RI. His favorite genres are contemporary jazz, straight-ahead jazz, and R&B. His instrument of choice is electric bass (fretted and fretless). He played for years in a Grateful Dead cover band in the NYC area.


Frank comes from a musical family, and he got hooked young listening to the wide music catalog practiced and played at home. He started playing by learning the lines from the jazz and rock musicians his older brother listened to. Among his musical icons are Jaco Pastourius (Weather Report), the master bassist, Scott LoFaro, Geddy Lee (Rush), and Stanley Clarke.


Frank’s teaching method is to orient the music around the student, to make the music accessible and enjoyable. He starts by locating the student where she or he is on the learning curve and by talking to the student about the student’s musical goals. He backfills where necessary by teaching note reading, rhythm and music theory. And—most importantly—he teaches practice tips to help the student master both the techniques and the notes.


Frank also works for Wickham Road Music as a technician. In his spare time, he composes music, and he builds and modifies electric basses.

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