Tony Fazio / Guitar - Bass

Tony started playing guitar at age 7. From birth, he watched his dad lead the music for church and started playing with his dad at church by age 12.

Tony attended Berklee College of music from 1994-98 graduating with honors in a dual major bachelor’s degree in Songwriting and Guitar Performance. While studying at Berklee, Tony began teaching guitar in 1996.  After graduating, he went on to play with professional bands, and continued teaching for the next 25 years. Tony toured with artists including Memphis Gold, Charlie Sayles, Stacy, BROOKS, and many others all over the world playing places like the Swedish Blues Festival, Belgium Blues Festival, Upstate New York Blues Festival, Baltimore Blues Festival, the Kennedy Center Gitmo, Bay for the Troops, Alaska, Honduras, and several DODs for the troops. 

Tony teaches all styles of guitar, acoustic and electric, bass, and all levels from young kids, to adults, playing and working with bands. He also teaches music theory, the Berklee College of music method, recording and home studio recording.  Tony's songs and performances from various shows can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube under the name Tony Fazio: https://www.youtube.com/@tonyfazio

Instrument(s): acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass 

Levels: all levels 

Genres: all genres 

Primary Focus/Technique: improvising rhythm, guitar solo songwriting

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